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We strive to advance the biobusiness knowledge through professional development programs, training, and research.


Facilitate networking and collaborations to promote career development and success.


Exchange of business, scientific and technical knowledge


Develop people for success.




Our Firm


Biobusiness Research Corp. is a knowledge based organization engaged in promoting the development of scientific, research and business skills in the life science related industries.


Our services includes public and online training, research, publications, consulting, and knowledge based services with emphasis on the business, biomedical, research and health related industries. 


We promote the development of people through the knowledge.  We are passionate about learning and development in the science, business, biomedical and manufacturing sector.






New York: 45 Rockefeller Plaza | Suite 2000 | New York, NY 10111

Puerto Rico:  Cond Medical Center Plaza | Suite 303 | Mayaguez, PR 00680

Cond. Ponciana | Suite 2E | Ponce, PR 00717

PO Box 10300 | Ponce, PR 00732

Tel. (888) 335-0240

Email: info@bripr.netinfo@biobusinessresearch.net


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